We are blessed with a new Shepherd in the person of Very Rev. Fr. Justin Bernard Gnanapiragasam according to the announcement made by Vatican on 2015-10-13 (Final apparition feast day of Our Lady at Fatima) at 3.30 pm (Local time).

Born on May 13th 1948 (again Feast day of Fatima- 1st Apparition), he served in many capacities in our Diocese and was our Vicar General for a long time, functioning as the Administrator on several occasions. Thus he is fully aware of the state and the needs of all the Parishes enabling him to administer and lead the Diocese properly and according to the Lord’s designs.
Along with giving our prayer support in his new responsibilities, let us also thank God for all the good and guidance rendered to us through our Bishop Emeritus Thomas Savundaranayagam and also pray for his retired life to be healthy and joyful in the Lord.

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